Sometimes great dogs are looking for a perfect home. The adoption process is extensive for all applicants. Continued training with Intelligent Canine before and after adoption, a thorough interview and home check will be completed.

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JANE (Calamity Jane)

photo by: Casey Page Photography

3 yo Dutch Shepherd/Terrier Mix, 42#

Jane is a trainers dream and the life of any party. 
If she could be at your side all day long, she would never leave it. 
Jane is eager, active and adaptable. Great with people, but appropriately
protective of your property and person. If you are interested in 
getting to dog sports, local search and rescue, or just want the 
perfect exercise companion, your search just ended! Our Jane is quite the catch. 

What to expect: 
Highlights: Jane is quick as a whip; 
she will keep you on your toes, both physically and mentally. 
She is eager to learn and creative - meaning a canine sport or 
aily, personal hobby (walking/jogging) will make you and 
Jane a happy pairing! 
Challenges: Structure will be key to her success in a home; 
she has great potential. We won't lie, she's stubborn, but 
always willing to work and is driven to make you happy. 

Cats?: No - Jane has a high prey drive - cats and 
ther small animals are a no go.
Dogs?: Jane LOVES the few dog friends she has and is 
0% safe with them (mostly male shepherds/huskies/etc).
Kids?: We recommend kids 13 years or older. Jane is 
a wonderful player, but has high drive that is intimidating to small children.
Dog park?: No - Jane is well suited for one on one 
play with close friends. She is not suited for public rambunctious play groups.
Home protection: Yes - Jane will alert you when someone 
she doesn't know is near your car, home, yard, etc. 
She listens well and adapts to strangers quickly when you structure 
the greeting appropriately. She loves people.
Play time: Fetch, tug, destroy the stuffed animal, 
and snuggle time on the couch after - she is sort of cat like in this regard.


 photo credit: Trista Rye

3 yo German Shepherd Mix, 60#

“Girls just want to have fun”… that pretty much describes Zoey. She is bouncy, boisterous and fun. She LOVES to play – just about anything you want to play. An active lifestyle would be best. Highlights: Zoey needs consistency and companionship. She is not the type of dog Cats?: So far, yes, Zoey has been good with our cats! Not all cats will be ready for Zoey’s energy, but she loves to play. Dogs?: She has potential, right now we are recommending she be the only dog in the family. Kids?: She has lived with kids ages 5 & 11 – no history of issues. Dog park?: No – at this point she would not be suitable for public rambunctious play groups. Home protection: High. Zoey is loud when company approaches your property. She is friendly in public spaces and at the veterinarian. Play time: Go! Go! Go!

OAKLEY (Annie Oakley)

photo by: Casey Page Photography

3 yo Border Collie Mix, 49#

Oakley was born to be a property 
protector - as most border collie/cattle dogs are. 
loves to play fetch and stretch out those legs! 
One word to describe Oakley? Goofy. 
She is a joker and half the time when she looks at 
you she where's an expression of amusement.  
What to expect:
Highlights: Oakley would learn to do ANYTHING 
you want to do: hiking, frisbee, jogging, dog sports. 
She is independent, but makes a highly attentive training 
partner - once you've earned it. She is the ideal 
companion for someone looking for a dog who has eyes for only them.
She has lots of humans she loves, but in a home setting, 
he would be best suited for a home with a quiet human social calendar. 
Challenges: She is very warm and friendly with "her" humans. 
et their be no mistake, if you are in her inner 
circle, you are under her protection. In public, 
she is far less protective. She loves to go on walks 
and meander through Home Depot as your silent body guard. 
he won't bother passersby, but she's not interested in 
making friends on your outings. This is a quality you either 
want as a dog owner or don't; her protective nature is well 
manageable, but not something you change.  

Cats?: Oakley has a moderate prey drive - she would do well 
with cats who are confident but might tease and chase cats who aren't.
Dogs?: Oakley LOVES dog friends and has dozens of them. 
She isn't a push over, but she is polite and accommodating to other dogs.
Kids?: We recommend kids 13 years or older. Oakley can be a 
little anxious when there are too many humans moving around.
Dog park?: Moderate - We are not big fans of large public 
play groups, they can be very hazardous. Oakley, however, could do well 
in these environments as long as the humans are attentive.
Home protection: Yes - highly protective. We would recommend 
putting her up for visitors until proper greeting protocols 
are in place. She will never be friendly when someone 
outside the family just "pops in to say hi". 
Play time: Fetch, squeaky toys, chew on her bone and then a nap 
in the corner - she does enjoy her alone time.