Sometimes great dogs are looking for a perfect home. These dogs are enrolled at Intelligent Canine and are up for adoption by their owners. We assist with the adoption process as a third party.

Note: The adoption process is extensive for all applicants. Continued training with Intelligent Canine before and after adoption, a thorough interview and home check will be completed. To express interest, complete the adoption application at the bottom of the page.


2 years old, Golden Doodle 60#

Grant is a lively, loving boy. He adores his handlers and going for walks.

What to expect:
Highlights: Grant is highly 
trainable and eager to please. 
He has a great foundation of 
technical skills and would be 
a good fit for a wide range of 
Challenges: Grant is capable of making
new friends, but really prefers to just 
stick with his family unit. He is not 
a candidate for a family with children.


12 wks, German Shepherd/Akita, will be 80#

Wyatt is a goal driven pup - 
anything he decides to do, 
he does full throttle.
He will be a fantastic dog to a 
driven handler - you name it, 
he can learn to do it. 

What to expect:
Highlights: Wyatt is a quick 
train. He learns very quickly 
and is eager to practice!
Challenges: Separation; Wyatt is 
currently learning to be alone. 
He will do great with someone 
who is with him all the time; 
however, to be a well balanced dog,
it's important he learns 
confidence without his handler. 

JANE (Calamity Jane)
18 months old, Dutch Shepherd Mix, 30#

Jane is a trainers dream. 
If you run or jog daily, she is 
the perfect dog for you. She is 
young, active and adaptable. She 
is great with people, but takes a 
minute to warm up to strangers.

What to expect:
Highlights: Jane is quick as 
a whip; she will keep you on your 
toes both physically and mentally. 
She is eager to learn and creative 
- meaning a canine sport or daily, 
personal hobby (jogging) will make 
you and Jane a happy pairing!

Challenges: Structure will be key 
to her success in a home; she has 
great potential. We won't lie, 
she's stubborn, but always willing 
to work.

CAROLINE BELLE (Sweet Caroline)

2 year old, Border Collie Mix
Caroline is a the perfect mix of 
sweet and sass. She loves to be 
scratched and nestle into your arms.

What to expect: 
Highlights: She has been phenomenal 
with people - pervious owners had 
her with kids and cats. She gets a 
little nervous with men approaching 
her handler(s); but warms up. 

Challenges: Caroline's past has 
made her very afraid of dogs; this fear 
manifests as aggression. Sometimes dogs 
bark and they are bluffing; Caroline is 
not joking and is not a candidate to live 
with or around other dogs.

4 year old, Great Dane/Mastiff, 130#

Bridger is a sweet, snuggly, slobbery
hunk! He loves to go on walks and 
definitely thinks all rabbits exist 
for his pleasure! Looking for the 
perfect fit.

What to expect: 
Highlights: He loves his friends 
and family and is acclimated to 
apartment style living - 
a daily walker would be ideal!
Challenges: He is a natural guard dog,
 which makes meeting new people a 
process. Giving him a yard to guard 
will produce protective behaviors. 
If that is what you want, awesome; 
if not, we can help you prevent 
overprotective behaviors.

Adoption Application




1 year old, Golden Doodle, 

Cora is living the high life with a family of five and two cats! She loves to camp, 
fish, and go for rides on their Razor.



2 years old, Jack Russell/Beagle
Zorro adopted a wonderful family who love to be outdoors and are excited about his level of energy. He is still pretty 
 certain cats are aliens trying to invade Earth... 

Congratulations little dude!


18 month old, Australian Shepherd
Moose now has a brother! 
Both boys live with a very active, 
adoptive family. Hiking, training, 
walks and snuggles are all daily things
in his life. We are so thankful to
still see him on a regular basis and
work on his reactivity toward 
strangers. One lucky dog!


8 years old, Jack Russell Terrier
Otis adores his new family with kids. 
He has a wonderful best friend, who 
happens to be a cat. His favorite daily
activity is walking with his "mom" and following her endlessly through the
house chores. For an "old" dog, he sure
is spry! We love fairy tale endings to adoption stories.