Sometimes great dogs are looking for a perfect home. These dogs are enrolled at Intelligent Canine and are up for adoption by their owners. We assist with the adoption process as a third party.

Note: The adoption process is extensive for all applicants. Continued training with Intelligent Canine before and after adoption, a thorough interview and home check will be completed. To express interest, complete the adoption application at the bottom of the page.


2 year old, Great Dane/Mastiff, 130# (will likely weigh #150)


Time with you: 2-3 hrs/day engaging
Physical exercise: 1 hr/day easy moving
New home: “Must”: Have a low key social calendar.
Bridger is a sweet, snuggly, 
slobbery hunk! He loves his 
friends and family, but will always 
be nervous with strangers and new 
people. His reactions are loud 
and he is a very big boy. His 
insecurities have been our primary 
training focus over these weeks. 
Although he is making steady 
progress, his new owners will 
need to follow structured patterns 
and procedures to make sure he makes 
new human and canine friends.Bridgersloves to go on walks and definitely 
thinks all rabbits exist for his pleasure! He is a bundle of joy! Looking for the perfect fit.   



ADOPTED!!! 3.26.19
18 month old, Australian Shepherd, 45#


Time with you: 3-5 hrs/day engaging
Physical exercise: 1 hr/day moving
New home: “Must”: Have a low key social calendar.
Moose is smart, energetic, playful and shy. He will thrive with an owner who enjoys devoting time to doing things. If you currently have a daily exercise routine, he will be a most motivated workout partner. 

Learning new skills is fun and necessary for this young dog. Hiking, agility, barn hunt, you name it. 

Moose is cautious with people outside of his normal routine. Being understanding of his social skills is necessary to be successful.His trust is built with time and patience. A consistent schedule and predictable routine benefits Moose; he likes to know the next task for the day. Surprises are for the birds. 

Moose is excellent with other dogs and cats, however, his favorite social activity will be spending time playing and cuddling with you. Hedearly loves toys, going for runs, long walks and hikes.


ADOPTED!!! 3.26.19
8 year old, Jack Russell Terrier, 20#


Time with you: 5-7 hrs/day engaging
Physical exercise: 1 hr/day moving
New home “Must”: Be willing to use a leash.
Otis may qualify as a "senior" canine citizen; but you would never guess his age if wehadn't already told you. Otis has a clean bill of health and has seen the same veterinarian all his life. He is very active and full of life. He enjoys casual walks and hiscuddle time. 

Otis grew up riding shotgun driving truck with his owner. He is an excellent travel buddy and loves to explore with that awesome nose of his. He's had experience around livestock and is good with grandchildren. He will never pass up a chance to chase a rabbit; therefore, his new owner should love to go for walks on-leash.

Otis is looking for a companion to share in his adventures. A backyard is simply not enough. An active walker will make a happy pairing for this lively "senior" canine.

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