Repetition creates reliability

What do we do with your dogs all…. day…. long?!

This page is “protected” in order to give our current enrolled clients some games and exercises like those we practice with your dogs every day. Remember, reliable commands are a result of considerable repetition. When reports cards come home or are emailed there will be notes in the “Try this at home” sections of each training category. This is where you can find helpful hints on how to make progress at home!

Regardless of whether your dog is spending the day, or night with us; we establish a basic routine involving:

  • rest
  • work (training)
  • handling
  • socialization

Practicing all four components in a circuit style as many times as possible during their stay. This circuit encourages your dog to learn to manage their own energy levels; meaning to go from high energy/hyper stages to low energy/relaxed quickly. Most clients like when their dog is able to relax; particularly young dogs!

[Rest] involves alone time in a crate or kennel. We highly encourage working some crate time into your activities WHILE you are in the home. Often dogs protest being kenneled when you are home, which makes boarding confusing to them.

[Work] involves technical training (sits/downs/recall/leash walking/door manners/etc). We look for progress around here; perfection comes with practice.

[Handling] involves preparing your dog to be handled by strangers. Ever heard the term “stranger danger”; of course, we say it to children all the time. Your dog may be very friendly and love being handled by people they know or when you are around to remind them they are safe. Groomers, veterinarians and kennel attendants, however, often see more nervous and some times aggressive responses from dogs while performing services. Our goal is to reduce this stress on your dog by practicing handling on a daily basis. It works wonders on all dog personalities!

[Socialization] means playing with other dogs, going to a public place to work or walk, snuggling with humans, meeting new humans, etc. Most of the dogs in our program are friendly and well rounded socially. That being said, our program is specifically designed to accommodate the emotional needs of nervous/anxious/aggressive dogs in an effort to ease them into the norms with the friendly dogs/humans.

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