Miranda Morehead Owner / Trainer

Miranda Morehead, founder of Intelligent Canine, grew up with a host of family dogs. Some lived inside, some lived outside, some came to her childhood home as puppies, others as adults in need of a great home. Each of these many dogs came with  unique personalities and preferences. Some were brilliant with childern, while others preferred adults. Couch potato or high energy herder, eighty pounds or eight pounds, each of these dogs taught Miranda many things about the world of canines.

These days, Miranda and, her husband Mark, share their home with a family of German Shepherds (Zeus, Kya, Roxy and Gus). Their home may look a little like yours; (more…)


Gus born 2015

Augustus is the youngest member of the Intelligent Canine staff. Born September 22, 2015, he is a typical teenager. He loves children, because they always have the best treats and love to play. He loves men because they play tough tug. Women, well, it’s fair to say they flock to him.

Kya born 2013

Kya loves physical attention. Her favorite thing, aside from tasty treats, is to have a friendly human massage her all over.  Born January 10, 2013. she is a sweet, motherly adult. She loves children, friendly dogs, and curling up in the coziest place in the house.

Zeus born 2007

Zeus loves to play ball; Any shape or size of spherical object; if it’s moving, he’ll play! Born Oct. 30, 2007, Zeus is an active senior citizen. His assertive nature requires an “out of the box” kind of training. We call him “high octane”. Viewing the world differently has been key to teaching Zeus new things.