Puppy Academy

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Building Problem Solvers

Every month, week, day and every shift; handlers at Intelligent Canine evaluate the progress and performance of dogs in our program based on two skill categories (technical and social). Both categories are important for a balanced dog to develop and maintain skillsets

We know we can’t be there to solve all problems for our human children; so, we educate them how to problem solve in order for them to learn to find creative solutions for problems on their own. This is how we strive to educate your dogs. We want them to understand what to do even if you don’t have time (or aren’t there) to tell them what to do.

  • When your back gate lock breaks and it pops open. We want your dogs to peak through the gate and think, ‘where is my human? I need them to take me for a walk.’

Your Dog Behind the Wheel

Every day your dog is with us, we exercise the circuit on the right: play (with humans or dogs), relax (learning to be alone), and train (technical). This model has served us very well over the years to teach your dogs to regulate their own emotional thermometer and to quickly switch from the high throttle of play to the focus gear of training and then to full relaxation and back again.

The goal of this model, is to be able to jump from corner to corner in any random sequence to help your dog achieve 100% controllable and predictable behavior in multiple environments. As you well know, this takes time, maturity, and LOTS of practice.

Your dog drives the progress.

Each day we work through circuits of games involving the movement between these three states.

Puppy Academy

Puppies younger than 20 wks – vet and vaccine screening required.

Thank you for your interest in our puppy program! Our program goal is to help prevent the development of undesirable behaviors (jumping/stealing/pulling/reactivity/hyperactivity). It is both easier and more affordable to prevent bad behaviors in young dogs than it is to correct them in an older dog.

Right now, your puppy’s brain is developing in profound ways! Technical skills can be learned at any age, but the most important development in social skills happen before 20 weeks of age.  That is why this program is specifically designed for younger puppies.

Their brain is actually developing around the experiences they encounter at this very moment, both good and bad experiences.