Miranda Morehead, founder of Intelligent Canine, grew up with a host of family dogs. Some lived inside, some lived outside, some came to her childhood home as puppies, others as adults in need of a great home. Each of these many dogs came with  unique personalities and preferences. Some were brilliant with childern, while others preferred adults. Couch potato or high energy herder, eighty pounds or eight pounds, each of these dogs taught Miranda many things about the world of canines.

These days, Miranda and, her husband Mark, share their home with a family of German Shepherds (Zeus, Kya, Roxy and Gus). Their home may look a little like yours;you might find dog hair floating around on the tile floor, a few nose prints on the front window, and a collection of leashes at every exit. Their dogs also bark; sometimes on cue, sometimes not. They’ve lost a few shoes to teething puppies over the years and go through a serious amount of eggs and nutritious  kibble. Although their home is tough on vacuum cleaners, Miranda’s and Mark’s dogs sincerely enrich their lives.

Miranda started training dog teams (like you and yours),  because she became tired of hearing people say ‘my dog’s barking behavior couldn’t be stopped, so I had to give him to a family who lived out of town’ and ‘your dogs are so intelligent, mine are so dumb’. Miranda might describe a dog as loyal, friendly, hyper, mellow, angry, aggressive, or dangerous; but they are all intelligent. Every dog is born with  unique skill sets, it’s up to us to figure out what those skill sets are. Intelligent Canine can help enrich your life, too.